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1992-2008 (Age 16)

Our own beautiful Corgi/Aussie mix, Bart, crossed The Rainbow Bridge on December 3, 2008. He was 16 years old and had a wonderful life with us. We couldn't have loved him more.

We adopted Bart when he was five years old. Many said that five was "too old" for an adoption. But Bart certainly had other ideas.

Taking Bart into our home was our first experience with dog rescue. Quickly this handsome fellow impressed us with his intelligence and incredible sweetness. With the personality of the Aussie, he picked me to be "his person," and was velcro to me every day of his life. He became my Heart Dog and I suppose I was his Heart Person in return.

A natural, calm, confident alpha male, he raised three puppies during his time with us. All of them learned much of what they know by modeling Bart. They all looked to him with unwavering trust and confidence.

Very importantly, Bart was the inspiration for my involvement in corgi/corgi mix rescue. His influence led to the formulation of ForPaws Corgi Rescue and has saved the lives of literally hundreds of other corgis and corgi mixed breeds. Bart has been our "poster dog" on the ForPaws website since its inception and will remain so. His legacy is huge.

Over the years we've seen only a handful of Corgi/Aussie mixes come into rescue. Each has always been a very special dog. This combination seems to always result in an incredibly smart, sweet, happy and well-grounded dog. Certainly that was true with Bart.

To see photos and read a bit about his last days, please visit my blog

We will never forget this wonderful companion and have many years of fond memories. Rest in Peace, Sweet Bart. Remember: "You're Wonderful!"

With Love from Your Person,

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