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Gender: Male (neutered)
Age: 9-10 years
Breed: Corgi-x (Corgi/Terrier?)
Children: Best in an all-adult home
Geographic Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

His story

Brandy came to ForPaws Corgi Rescue about five years ago. At that time he was placed with an elderly couple who lived independently in a senior's community. Brandy did well there, as he loves people and is a well-mannered house dog. In the past six months both of his owners passed away, leaving Brandy looking for a new person/people to call his own.

Physical characteristics

Brandy is a cute medium-small sized, neutered male dog, weighing about 33 pounds and standing about 14" high at the shoulder. He prefers being in the house and doesn't need a huge yard. He has a medium-length golden colored coat with a texture similar to that of a wirehaired pointer. In addition to the corgi, we think he may have some sort of terrier in him, but can't be sure.

Although we estimate his age to be around nine to ten years, Brandy shows no sign of being an "old" dog. He is healthy, ready for a good walk or a bit of playtime and loves nothing more than to be with you.

Temperament and Personality

An excellent companion, Brandy prefers human company to that of other dogs. He is happiest when curled up next to your feet and is a velcro dog - one of those that just likes to be "with you." He's not needy and doesn't demand attention, but will happily accept attention petting and play when it's offered.

He is a well-grounded, dominant male in the pack hierarchy and has a slightly serious side to him at times. But he certainly does have a sense of humor and we see the corgi in his personality. He is not overly pushy, but like any corgi, he does "test" at times. Essentially, Brandy needs an owner who will be clear and consistent so that he understands that there are rules he must follow and that he has a confident human in charge. Brandy would be best with someone who has had prior experience with the herding breeds and understands this aspect of the temperament.

Notes on Dominance Level

Each individual dog has its own dominance level. Depending how how knowledgeable an owner you are, you may or may not feel comfortable with a dominant breed such as the corgi. If you've never owned a corgi before, please be sure to read our informative article on this subject prior to adopting any dog.

Other dogs/cats

Brandy needs to be an only-dog in the household. He is not "dog aggressive," in that he will not seek confrontation, but doesn't care to share his home with other dogs. He will not go out of his way to confront another dog outside of the home, but he clearly wants others to know he's in charge in the home, and will challenge another dominant dog, or a dog of larger size if it occupies space in the same house or yard space. When out for a walk, Brandy is fine with having other dogs walking nearby, as long as they are under control and not in his space. He won't lunge or run at them, but doesn't care to interact with them.

Brandy displays a typical corgi prey drive and will chase squirrels, cats etc. when they run. For this reason, he's not a dog that would share his household with cats.


Brandy has always lived with adults since we've known him. Although he appears to have no issues with people of any age, due to his dominance level, we would not put him in a situation with young children. He's used to an all-adult home and we are looking for a situation in which he can continue in an all-adult situation.

Obedience Training

Brandy knows basic household commands (sit, down, come stay, etc).He hasn't had a formal obedience class as far as we know, but would benefit from being with an owner who would use and reinforce basic obedience training. With any dog, using this sort of training to reinforce your position as pack leader goes a long way and in foster care we see that Brandy understands and respects a person who expects him to respond properly to these commands. Obedience training serves to bond owner and dog and makes any dog a much more pleasurable companion animal.

Household manners

Brandy is house, crate, and leash trained. In foster care he eats in his crate and is comfortable there. He has excellent house manners and adapted easily to accepting a walker or a wheelchair in his previous home with his aging owners.


Brandy is house trained in his current environment and transitioned seamlessly when he came into foster care. Many dogs require a refresher course when moved to a new home situation. This is easily accomplished by following the guidelines in our House Training 101 Article.

Ideal household

An all-adult home with no other dogs/cats and confident people who have some time to spend with a dog and have experience with the herding breed temperament. Brandy would enjoy a daily walk or play time chasing a ball, and the ability to be inside the home (versus in a backyard) for the majority of his day. This is definitely an indoor dog and would not be right for an outdoor kennel situation.


Brandy is completely healthy and has no special medical issues. He has been vet-checked and is current on on the standard vaccinations and rabies. He is heartworm negative and is on preventatives for heartworm and fleas.

Brandy is a really nice companion, an easy keeper who is looking for the right home in which to live out the remainder of his years with a new Best Friend(s).

Adoption donation requested: $150


Educate before adopting: If you've never owned a corgi before, or even if it has been awhile since you had a new dog join your household, we'd recommend that you consult our educational articles located in our Learn More section, prior to adopting a dog.

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