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Wally and Buster

ForPaws had four Cardi/Australian Shepherd pups. Two of them
went to the family of Marilyn Staats. She wrote:

Dear Kathy,

...Don't know what we'd have done without the crate. The boys are very fond of their crate. They go "to bed" for a nap (when I need to be gone) very willingly. They seem to know when it's bed time. I think they're doing so well.

The people who come here often also play with them, give them their dog biscuit treats, and also pet and hold them. They get quite a bit of attention and they like that.

Buster and Wally in their new home

Since Larry will have a 10 week recovery from his triple bypass surgery, he'll have more time to spend with "the boys" too. I watched him play with them before and he really loves them alot. Although he never mentioned it, he missed Roscoe as much or more than I did. I must face facts: We're dog people, and our home is not complete without dogs.

I wish my mom had been an animal lover - she wouldn't be so lonely now if she enjoyed pets as much as we do. She enjoyed her chickens and sheep. She thought animals "didn't belong in the house!" We've got one daughter who is somewhat the same way, but the other three kids all have their own cats and dogs too.

Life wouldn't be worth living without pets, at least not for me. I have always said, "If there are no pets in Heaven, I don't want to go! But, if there are no pets, it can't be Heaven."

I'm so greatful to live in the country on a farm. There has always been plenty of room for the animals. Must close. Thanks so much for helping us with "our boys." They're all we expected, and more.

Marilyn Staats, Buster and Wally. Used by permission.



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