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Solomon was adopted into a home with Lucille and proud owners Kate and Mike, who write:

Things are going well here. Mike continues to be absolutely stupidly in love with Solomon (as do I, but it's funnier to see it in him). The other day, he (Mike) said, "When I get really wealthy, I'm going to have a little bronze statue of Solomon made so I can put it in my garden."

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

Also introduced Solomon to my entire family at the cottage last weekend, and he went over very well. Even my brother and sister, who don't like dogs much, were charmed. I left Lucy with Linda because there were 4 small children at the cottage--which turned out to be a good idea. The kids were pretty good, but at one point my 6-year-old nephew tried to jump over Sol and landed on his paw; Sol just yelped and walked away, and I lectured Timmy on respecting dogs, but all I could think was if that had been Lucy, she would have taken a chunk out of Timmy's foot. (And I wouldn't have blamed her, really, but I'm glad I got the opportunity to teach Tim about bugging dogs without having to do first aid.) Anyhow, the marking's pretty well cleared up, he's not testing me too much these days, and he and Lucille are like two peas in a pod, so I'm happy.

Any idea when our success story will be up on the website? I want all my friends to be able to see how famous my dog is. :)

— It's there now   =-)

Kate continues:

I just got down on the floor and had a snuggle with them, and it reminded me to tell you they officially act like they've been together all their lives now. They no longer have any personal space issues--they'll even eat or drink out of the same dish simultaneously. And other people are starting to comment on how they move in unison, the way Lucille and Maxine did, when we're out for a walk. A lot of people have asked if they're brother and sister. (I'd like to see that litter.) No one, least of all me, believes Solomon's only been here for 6 weeks. If ever a dog were truly meant for a particular household, this is it.


It was fun to read the FAQs and realize he displays so many typical Corgi characteristics. The way he sleeps, the weird noises he makes... I've still only heard him bark a couple of times, but when he wants me to wake up in the morning, he makes this hilarious grunt-yowl noise. As for Lucy, I think whatever Corgi's in her is pretty well buried, but there are definitely a few things--like frantically sprinting across the living room at night for no apparent reason--that fit. Mike and I call these her psychotic episodes--she runs back and forth, apparently convinced something strange is going on, giving little teeny woofs every few seconds. She invariably does it after thunderstorms (we've had a lot recently), and has done it a few other times. Maybe she senses the change in the environment, or she just gets brave after the storm is over, or she just has a lot of energy after cowering behind the toilet all day, I don't know. (It's funny, I mentioned the toilet thing to my parents, and they told me one of the dogs they had before I was born used to hide there, too. I don't know why that feels safer to her than under the bed or in my lap, but at least it's apparently not as weird as I thought.)

Anyhow, all goes well here. My only problem with Sol is that he does like to mark, so I have to watch him like a hawk when I take him into a new building. (And I can't leave things lying on the floor in the house, because he'll pee on them. He's already hit every wastebasket, table and chair leg, couch, bed, etc.) ...

We went on a picnic two weeks ago with about a dozen people and 3 other dogs, and as soon as I had my back turned, he tried to pee on the knapsack of the ONE person there who didn't like dogs. Somebody else caught him, and the knapsack was fine, but he did hit the soles of her sneakers a bit... which no one but me noticed, so I didn't point it out. :-)

I felt a bit evil and certainly would have owned up if he'd hit the leather part, but I just couldn't deal with the wrath of an anti-dog person when I knew it would evaporate on the rubber in a little while. This woman had walked into the party--when we were still at my friend's house, before moving on to the park-- looked at the dogs and announced, "It's okay as long as they stay over THERE." You'll note that no one had actually asked her opinion on whether the dogs were okay.... So frankly, I was a little bit proud of Solomon's choice of urinal that day, but I'd rather have him get it under control.

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